Amazon doesn't pay drivers overtime as directed by law

On behalf of Clark Law Group posted in blog on Monday, July 31, 2017.

Amazon is the world's biggest Internet-based store. One reason for their success is that the company cuts corners when it comes to paying overtime to subcontractors - especially its package drivers.

Amazon has been successful in getting drivers to work very long hours on the pretext that the workday is not over until all packages have been delivered. It is not uncommon for drivers to put in as many as 13 hours meeting this requirement - without overtime pay.

Amazon is accused of treating drivers as subcontractors - and ineligible for overtime pay - when they in fact function in almost every way as regular employees:

  • Drivers are trained, evaluated, and supervised by Amazon management.

  • They report for work every day at the same Amazon warehouse.

  • They deliver merchandise from a single company, Amazon.

  • They are required to wear Amazon uniforms.

  • The vehicles they drive carry Amazon signage.

  • When problems occur, they are reported to Amazon.

All these elements are viewed by the courts as indications of regular employment, entitling them to protection under wage and hour law -- not subcontractors.

Suits have been filed against Amazon in states including Illinois, Arizona and New York and have been successful. The same kinds of suits are being filed in California.

As one of the U.S.' largest employers, Amazon enjoys great legal clout in the marketplace. It has used this clout to minimize rightful payment to the people who have made it such a success. But workers can take on this behemoth by joining class action suits demanding proper overtime pay and other rightful wage benefits.

To discuss your case, talk to Clark Law Firm of San Diego. Our firm handles compensation demands for Amazon drivers throughout the state of California.

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