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An established Employment Law Firm located in San Diego, CA - Clark Law Group will let you know exactly what your employee rights in California are, and what steps you can take to fight for the money you're owed.
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The dedicated Labor Law Attorneys at Clark Law Group have tremendous experience in California Labor Laws and CA employee rights - with extensive trial success in fighting employers who have committed wage theft.
You're not alone - our employment lawyers located in San Diego will let you know where you stand in claiming your unpaid wages

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The Labor Lawyers at Clark Law Group are dedicated in defending California Wage and Hour Laws and the employees these laws protect.

We've won cases against the powerful lawyers who represent employers who steal wages.

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We've built our profession on holding unlawful employers and businesses accountable for their illegal actions. 

Our team knows exactly what it takes to defeat strong opposition - we're relentless in receiving the reward you deserve.


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