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Have you had issues with unpaid commission or slow sale days?

For those with the right people skills, commission-based sales work can be quite profitable. Many employers who pay via commission also offer bonuses for high sales or selling add-ons or special packages. If you excel at selling, a commission system can end up being a great source of income. It means that the harder you work, the more you could potentially get paid for your efforts.

Do you regularly drive for work without proper reimbursement?

Does your job require that you regularly drive, yet your employer neither reimburses you for your gas not provides you with a company vehicle? Does your employer refuse to pay you for your time when you are driving, even though it's part of your work? If you're paying out of pocket for gas, the vehicle and insurance, and driving somewhere as required by your employer, your employer may be taking advantage of you.

Overtime: You are entitled to overtime in most cases

You knew you were staying late for work a lot, but when you got your paycheck, it didn't reflect much of a difference from your usual payment. You thought that maybe the overtime would be on the next paycheck and that you were confused on the dates. Instead, your next paycheck came with no difference.

Is your employer failing to pay you mandated overtime wages?

For many employees in California, overtime work, especially if it is regular, can be a major source of income. One hour of overtime each week day at time and a half pay is almost the same as working a full extra shift. The more overtime you routinely work, the more lucrative your employment can become. Unless you are a salaried or exempt worker, federal law requires that your employer pays you at least time and half for any time over 40 hours you work in a single work week. Many employers, or in some cases managers for companies, will intentionally try to avoid this obligation.

Get paid for your off the clock work

Imagine walking into work and our boss immediately asks you to start a project before you even punch the clock. Will you be paid for the work? What about all the time you have spent there after-hours, working off the clock to finish a project? Are you entitled to back pay for the work?

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