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Class action lawsuit filed against Sun Vista beans for misleading and deceptive advertising

A class action lawsuit has been filed in California federal court against Arizona Canning Company LLC, the manufacturer of Sun Vista canned beans, for misrepresenting the amount of product actually in their cans. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim they were "misled by the portrayal of a bowl full of beans on the label and the size of the can, which they believed would be filled with beans."

In addition to that claim, both plaintiffs claim that the information listed on the outside of the can is misleading and deceives consumers about the amount of beans in the can. The plaintiffs state that they would not have bought Sun Vista beans if the picture and label on the outside of the can had been accurate and they knew they would be getting fewer beans than depicted.

According to the lawsuit, the image on the can shows a hearty amount of beans with no water. The lawsuit alleges that the image is a "blatant misrepresentation of what is truly inside the container, an inappropriately large amount of water and a small amount of beans."

The class action lawsuit was filed in California over violations of the Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising law, and California Legal Remedies Act.

The plaintiffs are represented by Clark Law Group attorneys R. Craig Clark, Dawn M. Berry, Monique R. Rodriguez and by William D. Pettersen of Pettersen & Bark. The class action seeks to represent all consumers who bought Sun Vista whole bean products in California over the last four years.

Individuals who purchased any whole bean product made by Sun Vista in California within the last four years may be able to join the class action claim against the manufacturer. Contact Clark Law Group in San Diego at (619) 239-1321 to learn more about this class action lawsuit.

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