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December 2016 Archives

Are you misclassified in your tech industry job?

It comes as no surprise to anyone that businesses are almost always looking for ways to save money. However, often the pursuit of meeting a bottom line comes at the expense of treating employees fairly and ethically. Over the last decade or so, the mass proliferation of tech companies and the expansion of reliable internet connections around the globe has had a major impact. It has given rise to more and more companies classifying large numbers of their workers as independent contractors rather than employees.

Class action lawsuit filed against Sun Vista beans for misleading and deceptive advertising

A class action lawsuit has been filed in California federal court against Arizona Canning Company LLC, the manufacturer of Sun Vista canned beans, for misrepresenting the amount of product actually in their cans. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim they were "misled by the portrayal of a bowl full of beans on the label and the size of the can, which they believed would be filled with beans."

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