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​In the state of California, companies both small and large have a legal obligation to provide correct labeling and truthful advertising of the products and services they sell. If you have been harmed or injured in any way from a service or product, you may not be the first and, unfortunately, you likely won't be the last.

Fighting For You. Fighting For All Consumers.

Our attorneys at the Clark Law Group in San Diego will aggressively go after these companies and hold them accountable for their atrocious actions against you. We believe that companies should be held accountable for the products and services they provide. When their products and services guarantee quality but do not live up to that promise, consumers have legal options to explore.

Our attorneys represent consumers in claims involving fraud, deceptive advertising, product misrepresentation and product liability. These issues do not affect just one individual. Many consumers are impacted by these practices until individuals or groups of consumers come together to report fraud. We will help you take a stand against consumer fraud.

Consumer Legal Remedies Act

Consumer fraud encompasses a vast range of cases involving unfair business practices and deceptive acts, this includes:

  • Methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices undertaken by any person in a transaction intended to result or which results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer.
  • Forbidden practices, including misrepresenting the source of the goods and services, representing reconditioned goods as new, advertising goods without having the expected demand in stock, representing a repair is needed when it is not, representing rebates that have hidden conditions and misrepresenting the authority of a salesmen to close a deal.

Handling Individual And Consumer Class Action Claims

What can you do when a product or the description of a product is deceptive? You may have a legal claim. You may be entitled to a recovery in a class action suit based on your damages and your role in the case. In addition, the courts may also give an additional incentive award that varies in each case.

Visit our Current Class Actions page to see what class action claims we are currently handling.

Half of our cases come from other attorneys who recognize that we are experienced class action lawyers in Southern California. We represent clients in all types of consumer fraud class actions and understand the complex nature of these claims.

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We are here to advocate for you. We provide zealous representation and personal service. If you believe a consumer product is deceptive, fraudulent or dangerous, call us at 619-908-1354/800-576-0633 to arrange a free consultation. You may also contact us online.

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